Ball type check valves are produced inthree sizes: 10-32, 1/8" NPT and 1/4"NPT. They are available in both brassand stainless steel and are suitable foruse with liquids or gases. Free flow occursin one direction only; reverse flowis prevented.All valve seats are metal to metal construction.Minor amounts of seat leakage can beexpected. See General Specifications.
Unit of Measure

Body Material

N/A 303 SS

Ball Material

N/A 304 SS


N/A 0.081

Maximum Temperature

N/A 150 ºF

Cracking Pressure

N/A 2 psig

Maximum Operating Pressure Gauge

N/A 125 psig

Connection A

N/A 10-32 UNF Female

Connection B

N/A 10-32 UNF Female

Seat Leakage

N/A 20 SSCM (max.) air flow at 25 psi differential

Outside Diameter

N/A 0.375 in

Total Length

N/A 0.78 in

Air Flow at 100 psig

N/A 331 ft³/h

Water Flow at 100 psig

N/A 0.8 gpm


  • All metal construction
  • Long life operation
  • Choice of cracking pressure
  • High pressure capability