The Magnetic Float Valve is an air sensor for detecting liquid level inside a vessel. The float mechanism mounted within the vessel operates a ceramic coated magnet. As the float moves, it pivots the magnet. A magnetically actuated sensor on the outside of the solid metal housing reacts to the inner magnet movement. The movement shifts a 3-way air valve. Both side mounted and top mounted pneumatic float valves are available either as normally closed or normally open.  Normally closed pneumatic float valves produce a pneumatic output on liquid level rise.  Normally open pneumatic float valves produce a pneumatic output on liquid level fall.
Unit of Measure


N/A Top Mounting

Specific Gravity

N/A 0.5

Maximum Liquid Temperature

N/A 180 ºF

Maximum Liquid Pressure

N/A 200 psig

Body Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Bracket Material

N/A Anodized Aluminum

Float Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Materials of Switch Body

N/A Plastic

Connection Barbs Material

N/A Brass

Wetted Material

N/A 301 SS 303 SS 304 SS Ceramic

Minimum Air Pressure

N/A 30 psig

Maximum Air Pressure

N/A 85 psig

Output Valve

N/A 3-Way Valve

Minimum Temperature

N/A 35 ºF

Maximum Temperature

N/A 120 ºF


N/A Normally Closed – Pneumatic Output on Liquid Level Rise

Connection A

N/A 1" NPT Male


  • Explosion Proof
  • No electrical hazard
  • For vented or non-vented vessels
  • Stainless steel float mechanism
  • Side mounting or top mounting selection
  • 3-way pneumatic valve
  • Actuation indicator on 3-way valve
  • Magnetic coupling-float to valve
  • Minimum air usage

Temperature Limit

N/A 200 ºF

Wetted Materials

N/A 303 SS, 301 SS, 304 SS, Ceramic

Fluid Media

N/A Clean compressed air or inert gases, filtration < 40 microns

Operating Pressure

N/A 30 to 85 psig

Operating Temperature

N/A 35 to 140 ºF

Valve Connections

N/A For 3/32" ID tubing (2.5 mm)
Air Supply Port #1
Output Port #2
Vent Port #3

Actuation Indicator

N/A 1/16" diameter/Blue
Indicator extends outward (approximately 1/16" stroke) when port #1 is passing to port #2.

Air Flow

N/A No continuous air flow usage.

Air Valve Orifice Diameter

N/A 0.080 in

Material of Brackets

N/A Anodized Aluminum

Material of Switch Body

N/A Plastic

Material of Connection Barbs

N/A Brass


N/A Change in liquid level between valve actuation and deactuation – approximately 1/4"